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Complete Foam Alphabet-and-Number Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

Let your children learn numbers and letters through play with this Puzzle Foam Floor Alphabet & Number Puzzle Mat.  It features 36 colorful 6" x 6" foam tiles, including 26 pop-out letters and 10 pop-out numbers. The versatile tiles interlock, allowing flat or three-dimensional building fun, and the 0.25" thick foam provides a safe and soft play surface for both indoor and outdoor fun. The foam tile pop out numbers and letter safe surface (for indoor and outdoor use) covers 36 square feet.

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In addition to helping young children learn numbers and the alphabet, this colorful foam puzzle also sharpens problem-solving skills and fosters creativity with 36 interlocking pieces that can be assembled into a spacious mat or 3D cubes. Much like a shape sorter, each tile has a space in the middle for kids to insert the appropriate number or character. Once tykes successfully put all the pieces together, the completed puzzle forms a spacious, cushioned surface that’s safe to play on.

  • 36 colorful foam pieces

  • Helps teach youngsters numbers and the alphabet

  • Forms a safe, cushioned play surface

  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use

  • Covers 18 square feet, including the border

  • Dimensions: 35.25" (L) x 35.25" (W) x 0.25" (H)

Puzzle Contents

  • 10 pop-out numbers

  • 26 pop-out letters

Complete Foam Alphabet-and-Number Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids.

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