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Chess Pieces Silicone Ice Cube Tray

At last, an excuse to rattle through a game of chess like nobody’s business. Never mind all that thinking, strategy and chin stroking, the chess set is all about winning the game before your pieces melt! Just fill the silicone tray with water and pop them in your freezer while you track down where you left your board. It’s ideal for playing in Arctic conditions and makes a terrific mess indoors.

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The old men at the park will be green with envy. Pop these unique chess game ice trays in the freezer while you consider your opening move. Play a Winner Eat All game with frozen juice pieces and an aggressive strategy or use colored water and see how many games you can play before your pawns melt.

  • Silicone Ice mold creates frozen chess pieces perfect for playing in the arctic

  • Comes with one mold

  • Makes great ice cubes for that Kasparov martini recipe you've been saving

  • Create two different colors of chess pieces by using juice instead of water

  • Does NOT come with a chess board. Please supply your own

Chess Pieces Silicone Ice Cube Tray.

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